Ubud has a known history back to the eighth century, when the Javanese Hindu priest Rsi Marhandya came to Bali from Java, and meditated at the confluence of the two Wos rivers at Campuan, just west of the modern day town centre. Deep in the mountainous centre of Bali, among hanging banyan trees and lush rice paddies, is a small town thought to be the Indonesian island’s spiritual and cultural heart. With a name that comes from the Balinese word Ubad, which means medicine, Ubud has long been known as a mystical place, rich in healing powers, it has developed a large tourism industry. It is far removed from the beach party scene in Kuta, and is regarded as the cultural center of Bali. Much of the town and nearby villages seems to consist of artists’ workshops and galleries. Made more famous in recent years from the movie, Eat Pray Love. Ubud brings in all kinds of tourists, with endless shops,markets, amazing restaurants, cultural, spiritual experiences and don’t forget about the yoga! Ubud is a yogis paradise, with classes for all levels at almost anytime of day. Ubud has Many must-see temples offering you a glimpse into historical Bali with ancient reliefs and classical Balinese temple architecture. Including the Ubud palace, where the royal family lives. Don’t miss the Balinese dance at the palace. Dances are merged with stories and history in Bali. Come wander in the rice paddies, meet the locals and have some great food in the heart of Bali.

Rice Terraces

Tegallalang rice terraces offer a perfect Bali photo opportunity with its dramatic views. The vista sprawls down and away to the rice terraces on the slopes across the valley. On your way around you’ll meet many locals who live and work there, join them for a fresh coconut and they may even play you a song. This ancient valley has a timeless quality that you and your camera don’t want to miss out on.


Tegenungan Waterfall is a beautiful hidden waterfall in Ubud village offering you a glimpse of natural beauty against a lush valley landscape. Walk down through a majestic stairway to be greeted by a breathtaking view of the landscape from afar. Through the jungle you’ll hear the gushing waterfall splash against the rock surface. Don’t forget your swimsuit as you may want to take a cool refreshing dip on a hot summers day.

Monkey Forest

Why not stop off and visit the “little locals” of Ubud, one of Bali’s famous attractions – the Sacred Monkey Forest. What better way to get up close and personal with these exquisite creatures while walking through a hidden gem forest? Don’t forget to stock up on bananas and keep a good hold on those sunglasses on your head. Things are about to get cheeky!

Volcano Trekking

Are you a lover of sunrises and incredible views? Mount Batur has just what you’re looking for. Have you ever wanted to see inside a volcanic crater while enjoying a hot cup of Balinese coffee, as the sun begins to rise through the clouds at the break of dawn? Grab those trainers and make your way up to the Kintamani region for the experience of a lifetime.

Water Rafting

If water sports is more your type of adventure then we’ve got the thing for you. This action packed adventure starts when you launch into a river stretch, navigating through rapids, to a backdrop of wild unspoiled rainforest, towering gorgeous and magnificent rice paddy terraces. Woah!! That’s definitely one way to crush those adrenaline rushes. What are you waiting for?

Elephant Safari

Animal lovers, we’ve got the place for you. Roam around the elephant sanctuary in Ubud and watch these majestic creatures in the natural habitat of a tropical rainforest. If you want to get more involved why not get up close and personal to feed them or maybe even give one a bath. Watch them splash around in the water, as the fun loveable animals they are.

Cycling Tour

Dare to recreate a scene from the famous Eat, Pray, Love movie? Take a tour to experience a spectacular Bali adventure of cycling away from the hustle and bustle of the regular tourist path. The tour takes you cycling through the natural hidden beauty and spirit of the real Bali where you can meet villagers, cycle through rice terraces, mountain farms and learn about the spiritual background of the Balinese people. Don’t forget those helmets!

Quad Bike

Treat and test your courage and adrenaline on the quad bikes while enjoying the panorama of the countryside. A professional local guide, who is there to assist you all the time. You will journey through the rice paddies, villages, plantations, rivers, bamboo forests and many others. Then stop off for a sweet coffee break along the way while enjoying fantastic jungle view. Once you’ve tried, you definitely become addicted!

Local School

Care for more of a heart-warming adventure during your stay in Ubud. Why not visit one of the local schools, where the kids would brighten up anyone’s day with their charming smiles, intriguing personalities and infectious laughter. If volunteering is your kind of thing, then this is the place for you. You will not want to leave them, trust us!

Ubud Palace

Ubud Palace is a place of culture, fun and entertainment. You simply can’t come to Ubud and not experience the fantastic shows that are hosted here. Watch the florescent colours fill the room, with their traditional Balinese dancing. It’s the perfect mix of dance and drama that will leave you speechless and feeling enlightened towards the end of it.

Local Market

Why not drop by Ubud’s authentic local market for a one stop shop for all those gifts you need to pick up. These markets offer a huge variety of traditional Balinese cultural products. They never lose their unique charm, so you’re definitely in for a treat. Time to splash that cash!

Yoga Barn

Yoga Barn is one of Bali’s famous yoga attractions. As a centre dedicated to healing and renewal, The Yoga Barn provides a lush and inspiring environment for the nourishment of body and mind. So whether you want to drop by for a bit of hot yoga to get those bodies moving or maybe a more relaxing meal full of goodness. Yoga barn caters for everyone’s needs.